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Job Crafting: Unleash Your Employees' Inner Superhero at Work!

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By Stavy Papasotiriou, Organisational Psychologist and Founder of Work Unlocked

Dear HR professionals and line managers, are you interested in unlocking the full potential of your employees? Do you want to create engaging and fulfilling jobs that truly resonate with your passions and aspirations? Well, we have exciting news for you! It's time to embrace the concept of job crafting and unleash the power within your workforce.

In this blog, we'll explore job crafting and how it can revolutionise your organisation. By understanding the power of job crafting, you can empower your employees, enhance job satisfaction, and boost performance. So, let's dive in and discover the key to creating a motivated and productive workforce.


You may have heard the famous quote from a NASA cleaner who said, "I'm helping to put a man on the moon." This quote perfectly encapsulates the essence of job crafting. Regardless of the nature of the job, employees have the ability to shape their work experiences. Job crafting involves making physical and cognitive changes in the boundaries of one's work, allowing individuals to mould and redefine their roles. It goes beyond mere task modifications, revolutionising their entire work experience. When employees engage in job crafting, they fulfil their basic psychological needs for autonomy, positive self-image, and relatedness. This, in turn, leads to increased job satisfaction and performance.

Ultimately, job crafting influences employees' identities and their perception of the meaning behind their work. By aligning job characteristics with individual abilities and needs, employees develop a stronger connection to their roles and contribute meaningfully to organizational success.


To fully embrace the power of job crafting, let's explore its three core elements: task crafting, cognitive crafting, and relational crafting.

  1. Task Crafting: Empower your employees to shape the tasks they perform. Encourage them to find new ways to challenge themselves, expand their skill sets, and take ownership of their work. By allowing individuals to redefine their tasks, you foster a sense of mastery and autonomy, which boosts motivation and engagement.
  2. Cognitive Crafting: Help your employees see their work from a new perspective. Encourage them to view their roles as integrated parts of a larger purpose. By fostering a sense of meaning and significance, you enable individuals to derive greater satisfaction and fulfilment from their work.
  3. Relational Crafting: Recognise the importance of relationships in the workplace. Encourage your employees to exercise discretion in selecting their work interactions. By fostering positive and meaningful connections, you create a collaborative and supportive work environment that enhances job satisfaction and productivity.


People perceive their work differently, viewing it as a job, a career, or a calling. Job crafters enact their roles differently based on these perceptions. By understanding your employees' relations to their work and their motivations behind job crafting, you can support and guide them to align with their aspirations and needs.

Employees engage in job crafting for three key reasons:

  1. Control: Employees have an inherent need for personal control. This autonomy promotes a sense of ownership and prevents alienation, resulting in greater job satisfaction.
  2. Positive Self-Image: When individuals feel that their job contradicts their positive construction of self, they tend to craft their roles to create a better fit.
  3. Connection: Individuals always seek social connections and meaningful relationships. So employees shape their work interactions to forge deeper connections with colleagues and better collaborate with them.


Job crafting holds the key to unlocking the full potential of your employees. By empowering individuals to shape their work experiences, you create a workforce that is motivated, engaged, and fulfilled. By embracing job crafting, you pave the way for a successful future where employees are proactive, creative, and deeply connected to their work.


About the author

Stavy Papasotiriou is an organisational psychologist and the visionary behind Work Unlocked — a leading HR consultancy on a mission to revolutionise employee engagement, performance, and retention in businesses worldwide. With a profound understanding of HR practices, Stavy leverages psychological principles to unleash the untapped potential of workforces. At Work Unlocked, Stavy crafts bespoke strategies that are grounded in research and tailored to each organisation's unique needs. These strategies are designed to yield remarkable results while requiring minimal resources.

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