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Want a quick answer? Try these FAQs:

Are Engage Employee events in person or online?

Our events are London based in-person events.

See more about our events by using the navigation menu at the top of the page.

Who are the speakers at Engage Employee events?

We source speakers from the best companies when it comes to employee engagement and management. The format involves sharing their learnings in a case study format.

Can we purchase multiple tickets for events?

Yes, of course. Multiple people from the same company will often attend together.

Where do in-person Engage Employee events take place?

They usually take place in London, but virtual and hybrid events can be accessed online too.

What kind of people attend Engage Employee events?

People who attend are highly engaged and often relatively senior (Head ofs, Directors, C-Suite level) managers responsible for employee and talent success at their companies.


We also often see upper-middle HR management in attendance too.

There are plenty of company logos across this website. What’s the link between those and Engage Employee?

We’re proud to have speakers from some of the biggest companies in the world. We’re also very pleased to have some of the same companies sponsor our events and facilitate making them happen.

These are the companies you see shown across various pages on this website.