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How to Stop Cheating with AI

2 minute read

By Nicholas Brice, CEO of Soul Corporations®

The line between the output of artificial intelligence and the creative touch of a human is becoming increasingly blurred. We all face a crucial question: How can we maintain the authenticity and depth of our communications in an era dominated by AI?

One answer lies in harnessing the power of mindful communication—a skill more essential now than ever if we are to reverse the trend towards increasingly disengaged employees.

Becoming a “Mindful Communicator" can help us navigate the complexities of this AI-integrated workplace. It's not just about communicating better; it's about rediscovering the joy and vibrancy that comes from genuine, human, soulful interactions.

In a world where digital conversations often lack warmth and personal touch, and to re-engage people in the workplace, adopting a mindful approach to communication can be the remedy we all need: to transform our interactions into more meaningful connections.

To further explore this, Soul Corporations® have created a short film, "AI or Human? How to Spot the Difference." This engaging 4.5-minute journey draws upon the wisdom of the 13th-century poet Rumi, the timeless humour of Groucho Marx, and the insightful strategies from the new book "The Mindful Communicator."

Through this blend of ancient and contemporary wisdom, the film challenges viewers to reflect on the essence of human creativity and the importance of infusing our digital communications with authenticity and emotional depth.


In essence, this film serves not only as an exploration of AI versus human creativity but also as a passionate call to cultivate more mindful and meaningful communication practices in our daily lives – at work and at home.

We all need to aspire to make the words we write and the messages we send breathe life into our digital world, making it a place of genuine human connection and vibrant expression.

The "The Mindful Communicator" is the new hitchhiker’s guide to navigating the digital age with authenticity, purpose, and a deep sense of human connection.

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