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The Power of Feedback: Supporting Success in Your Workforce

The people in your organisation are your most powerful asset, but is your team able to reach their full potential? Are individuals telling each other what they need to hear, or are they avoiding difficult conversations? Do they feel truly supported in their roles?

In this podcast, OneAdvanced Chief People Officer Katie Obi discusses how to unlock high performance by facilitating top level feedback. She draws on the learnings of her career, which has seen her hold the roles of Chief People Officer at tech start-up Beamery, and Chief People and Transformation Officer at leading SAP consulting firm, Rizing. She covers what a strong culture of honest, transparent communication looks like, why it is vital to help your employees thrive, and how Performance and Talent software can help.

Katie Obi

Katie Obi

Advanced Chief People Officer
I love helping companies solve complex business challenges and transform their people agendas through leveraging technology. With over 20 years of experience in Human Capital Management as a trusted partner and advisor, I have learned experience in transforming organisations through a number of hands-on roles, including as an HR technology consultant, business leader, change leader, transformation executive, CHRO practitioner, and client executive partner. I have worked closely with Board members, executive teams, private equity firms, CHROs and HR teams to drive global corporate turanourds, transformation programs, and HR technology implementations to yield commercial business results. I'm passionate about evidence-led management and HR practices, innovations in technology (including AI and automation) and the power of data science.
Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown

Handley Studios Ltd. Co-Founder

Cathy (she/her) works with people and organisations to create inclusive, healthy and more productive workplaces that work for everyone.

A renowned leader, speaker and communicator, Cathy blends curiosity and empathy with deep cross-sector experience. She prides herself on helping people move out of stressful situations to create human-focused workplace cultures where compassion and connectedness – and people – are encouraged and valued. 
Cathy has led organisations across a range of industries including Engage for Success (the UK’s movement for Employee Engagement), and has helped to transform many more through her work as Capability Brown, and most recently at Management Geek. 
Cathy carries her personal experience of neurodivergence into the solutions she co-creates with her clients, through conversations, commitment and curiosity - helping them to manage themselves and their teams in ways that work for everyone. 

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