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Optimise Your Internal Email Strategy

With a globally distributed and diverse workforce, communicating with employees at Bayer has proven to be increasingly difficult. While channels like email and intranet remain a constant source of news for employees, without data it’s difficult to gauge the performance of these channels. In this session you’ll learn how Bayer has used data collected with PoliteMail to better evaluate the performance of their internal email campaigns and deliver engaging content employees will read.

With data and key insights from PoliteMail’s 2022 Benchmark Report & Analysis of over two billion emails you’ll learn how to 

best optimize your internal emails for maximum readership.

We’ll take a dive into Bayer’s robust communication strategy and learn:

•        What makes an email more likely to be opened and read

•        How targeting your audience can lead to increased email readership

•        How much email is too much? Is there a sweet spot?

•        Metrics that matter to executives, proving the worth of internal communications

•        How to apply these findings to improve your overall internal communication strategy

Mike McNeilly

Mike McNeilly

PoliteMail Director of Enterprise Accounts
Mike is Director of Enterprise Accounts at PoliteMail, helping clients measure and improve employee engagement with internal email broadcasts. Prior to joining PoliteMail he was with the Earned Media Analytics group at Cision, a leading global provider of software and services for communications professionals.

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