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Mental Health & Wellbeing: How Your Job Can Affect You

Trigger Warning: This podcast episode discusses some experiences with suicide, self-harm and violence.

In this eye-opening podcast episode, our host and CX Industry expert, Dave D' Arcy is joined by Co-Founder of Rise of Happiness and ex-police officer, Rob Hosking. Together they discussed the importance of caring and paying attention to your employees' mental health, regardless of the field you work in.

The topics included:

  • The lack of support you get as a police officer amid the sheer amount of trauma that you witness. (Interesting fact: During their careers, each police officer is likely to encounter between 400 to 600 traumatic events. Most citizens will experience between three or four in their lifetime)
  • The effects the job had on mental health
  • What changed, what was the turning point.
  • How I went from catching “bad guys” to TEDx speaker


Rob Hosking

Rob Hosking

Rise of Happiness Co-Founder
 Rob is an ex-police officer, who’s now a very passionate motivational speaker and a qualified mental health first aider. He speaks about various topics such as finding happiness after trauma, living a life aligned with your values, and employee wellbeing, where he also shares experiences from his time as a police officer. His mission is to ensure that people, especially men, open up about their mental health and choose happiness.
Dave D'Arcy

Dave D'Arcy

Laughing Leadership Founder & Managing Director
With over 35 years in Customer Experience environments and 20 plus years in Senior Leadership, there are few people better placed than Dave D’Arcy to shape thought leadership. Having spent the last 7 years leading customer operations for two world leading SaaS businesses, Dave recently took the step to Launch his own business Laughing Leadership. This is a CX and Leadership consultancy with a difference. Focused on how employee engagement first can drive highest levels of customer experience.
Additionally, Dave is a globally award recognised CX leader and a current member of the CXFO Power 100. 
He has extensive experience in public speaking and hosting and is normally on standby with a humorous tale, there a reason why his business is Laughing Leadership

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