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Mainstreaming Achieving Pay Equity through Pay Transparency : Heart to Heart with Zara Nanu MBE, CEO & Founder of Gapsquare

Although pay equity legislation has existed for over 50 years both in the UK and the US, inequities still exist. One way to address gaps in both pay and perception is by creating transparency frameworks. These initiatives are driven by new legal requirements requiring companies across the US and Europe to disclose pay ranges when they advertise new roles, as well as the development of tech platforms that allow employees to anonymously discuss pay (For example, Glassdoor & BuiltIn).

Listen back to this session from the 2023 Employee Engagement Summit  to hear more about the links between pay equity and pay transparency, and learn ways to reduce risk, improve talent engagement, and ensure pay equity as we work towards a fair and transparent future of work.


Zara Nanu MBE

Zara Nanu MBE

Gapsquare A Pay Equity Leader & Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Dr. Zara Nanu MBE is one of the world's leading voices for workplace gender equality and wider fair pay. Starting her career combatting human trafficking and campaigning for women’s rights, Zara is now at the forefront of technology to build more inclusive workplaces. As the CEO of Gapsquare, which offers expansive diversity and equality data intelligence & report generation, Zara is utilizing data science and AI to reimagine the future of work. Among dozens of accolades throughout her career, Zara was recently recognized by her late Majesty the Queen in her Jubilee Birthday Honors list (MBE).

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