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Human Resources at The North Face

Ever wondered what it’s like to work for an innovative company with over 50 years of exploration, leading them to creating the best gear for athletes and the modern day explorer? Join our exclusive interview with David Schmidt, Senior Manager of Human Resources at The North Face as he tells us more about his role, recent projects, and future plans.


David Schmidt

David Schmidt

The North Face Senior Manager of Human Resources
David is a progressive HR executive with over 2 decades of experience across all HR disciplines and numerous industries. His expertise is in curating an employee experience with a singular aim; improve employee satisfaction. His recent roles in experiential marketing and retail store operations have led to his philosophies around “experiential employment” … utilizing the learning from customer experience to drive a new type of “role” that focuses on employee benefit as much a corporate advantage. When not working on EX you can find David doing just about anything you can do outside. From the Colorado trails to the Denver back alleys, he’s out exploring the paths less travelled always looking to see the beauty in the present. (#FindBeautyWhereYouAre)

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