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Human Design's Influence on Your Career

In this interesting podcast episode, our host and CX industry specialist Dave D'Arcy is joined by Keynote Speaker, Future of Work & Human Design Consultant, Lena Thompson. Together they delved deeper into the importance of culture in the work environment and how to approach different human design types.

They discussed:

  • How can organisations foster a culture of innovation and adaptability in a rapidly changing work environment?
  • What is spirituality, and why is it important in an organisation?
  • What is Human Design, and how can it be a tool for self-discovery and personal development?
  • How can understanding one's Human Design type influence career choices and job satisfaction in a rapidly changing work environment?
  • How did you first discover Human Design, and how has it influenced your own journey?


Lena Thompson

Lena Thompson

Future of Work Consultant| Keynote Speaker| Spiritual Mentor For Corporate| Human Design Consultant
Lena has over 15 years of experience in the corporate world of consulting, training, and designing systems for global clients. Now, she is an award-winning entrepreneur and an international speaker on a mission to bridge the gap between the corporate & spiritual worlds. Lena believes that the real key to success and a fulfilled life is self-knowledge.
Dave D'Arcy

Dave D'Arcy

Laughing Leadership Founder & Managing Director
With over 35 years in Customer Experience environments and 20 plus years in Senior Leadership, there are few people better placed than Dave D’Arcy to shape thought leadership. Having spent the last 7 years leading customer operations for two world leading SaaS businesses, Dave recently took the step to Launch his own business Laughing Leadership. This is a CX and Leadership consultancy with a difference. Focused on how employee engagement first can drive highest levels of customer experience.
Additionally, Dave is a globally award recognised CX leader and a current member of the CXFO Power 100. 
He has extensive experience in public speaking and hosting and is normally on standby with a humorous tale, there a reason why his business is Laughing Leadership

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