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How to Get Men Talking About the Things They Don’t Want to Talk About

In our latest podcast episode, our Guest Editor Nicholas Brice had the pleasure of sitting down with Serenity in Leadership’s Thom Dennis.

Listen now and uncover Thom’s thoughts on:

  • How we can get men talking about the things they don’t want to talk about.
  • Why Purpose Beyond Profit is so important.
  • Whether CQ (cultural intelligence) could be the new EQ.
  • Why we should focus on the majority and what they call “normal”.
  • How to crack the code to create a healthy business culture.
  • The solution to bullying and harassment if they are systemic.


Thom Dennis

Thom Dennis

Founder & CEO Serenity in Leadership

Thom is a highly accomplished facilitator, speaker, coach, and NED, he’s been at the forefront of new thinking and conscious approaches to leadership development and culture change for over 30 years. His focus is on making workplaces safer by bringing enlightened practices to senior leaders and management around inclusion, diversity, harassment, and the use of power.

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