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Cultural Intelligence and the Third Culture Concept

During this thought-provoking podcast, Nick Brice, CEO at Soul Corporations, and Lynn Erasmus, founder of SYMBL CIC (Social Young and Multinational Business Leaders CIC) social enterprise, delve into the transformative power of curiosity. By cultivating this skill on a daily basis, they explain how we can become more innovative, productive, and adaptable.

They also explore the concept of belonging and offer insights on how to create unity and inclusion for marginalised individuals through the Third Culture Individual concept.

Additionally, the podcast sheds light on how we perceive uncertainty and the role of fear in decision-making, and how recognizing our own biases can help us move from fear to curiosity.

Finally, the podcast discusses the importance of Cultural Intelligence in becoming a more innovative, inclusive, and sustainable leader on a global scale, as well as how the Ten Commandments can guide us with confidence through times of change.

Nicholas Brice

Nicholas Brice

Soul Corporations CEO
Nicholas Brice is our Guest Editor and CEO of Soul Corporations®. He is seasoned managing consultant, speaker coach and masterclass facilitator. He has helped deliver human-centred development and culture change programmes to achieve customer and employee experience KPI outcomes for major brands including British Airways, American Express, Unipart, Toyota, Wickes, Brighton and Hove Albion FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Progress IT, Servier Pharmaceuticals. He is a triple winner of National Training Journal Gold Awards, a winner of Engage Media Award for Best Customer and Employee Engagement Programme and four times finalist.
Lynn Eramus

Lynn Eramus

SYMBL CIC (Social Young and Multinational Business Leaders CIC) Founder
Lynn created a social enterprise, SYMBL CIC (Social Young and Multinational Business Leaders CIC), a movement that encourages Unity & Belonging, by embracing the Third Culture concept, which unites people despite their differences. SYMBL CIC work with Third Culture Individuals and Lynn knows first-hand the challenges the marginalised experience globally. Her company offers keynotes and teambuilding day-aways, Cultural Intelligence training and a program called Ten Commandments, helping team members to adapt to change; to fund this drive.

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