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Creating an Equitable Experience in a Hybrid Comms World

Creating an Equitable Experience in a Hybrid Comms World: A Fireside Chat with Justine Stevenson, Head of Internal Communication and Employee Engagement at AQA

Justine Stevenson

Justine Stevenson

AQA Head of Internal Communication and Employee Engagement
I am a passionate believer in Internal Communication, in the benefits to organisations and the individuals working in them. The ability to help people really connect with their workplace and engage in their work is a real privilege and I love every minute of it. I have more than 15 years of experience of internal communication across Government, Financial Services and FMCG. I have worked extensively in international and global organisations and enjoy communicating across cultures - with all the opportunities and challenges that brings. My specialties include: Internal Communication; Employee Engagement; Change Communication; and Communication Strategy and Planning. I have worked with many senior leaders, coaching them on their communication approach and working with them to develop appropriate communication plans. Having spent 10 years as a journalist and newspaper editor earlier in my career, writing is a strength, as are presentation skills. And 10 years working for the Government means I have strong procurement skills - good at spotting best value. I love my work and the opportunities it had brought. I also love how much it changes and evolves. As a Fellow of the Institute of Internal Communication, and the Board member responsible for Awards and Events, I spend a lot of time keeping up with latest trends and how others are putting them to best use.

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