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Climbing the Career Ladder: Your Guide to Leveling Up

Today our podcast host and CX industry expert, Dave D’Arcy is joined by executive career coach Maya Grossman.

Maya shares her tips and tricks on how to level up your career, she discusses:

  • Why is it so hard to break into leadership roles?
  • What are the main obstacles that hold people back?
  • How can ambitious professionals start tackling those challenges? 
  • What is something that our listeners can start doing today to break into executive roles? 
  • You hear the term "executive presence" a lot. What does it actually mean, and how can someone acquire those skills?
  • If you can give our listeners who are aspiring to get into the executive suite one piece of advice, what would it be? 


Maya Grossman

Maya Grossman

The Maya Grossman Group Founder

Maya is a 2-time VP of marketing, a bestselling author, and has worked for a wide range of leading companies in the industry including Google and Microsoft. Her goal is to teach people how to build the bridge between where they are today, and where they want to be in their wildest dreams so they can achieve an exceptional career,  which is what inspired her to set up the Maya Grossman Group.

Dave D'Arcy

Dave D'Arcy

Laughing Leadership Founder & Managing Director
With over 35 years in Customer Experience environments and 20 plus years in Senior Leadership, there are few people better placed than Dave D’Arcy to shape thought leadership. Having spent the last 7 years leading customer operations for two world leading SaaS businesses, Dave recently took the step to Launch his own business Laughing Leadership. This is a CX and Leadership consultancy with a difference. Focused on how employee engagement first can drive highest levels of customer experience.
Additionally, Dave is a globally award recognised CX leader and a current member of the CXFO Power 100. 
He has extensive experience in public speaking and hosting and is normally on standby with a humorous tale, there a reason why his business is Laughing Leadership

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