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Celebrating Individuality to Create a Sense of Belonging

In an exclusive interview with Charlotte Dahl, Creative Director at Woodreed, Nikki explained why and how putting purpose at the heart of everything Virgin Group does leads to ground-breaking results for its people, and the way that this unites employees worldwide.

This approach includes embedding three traits - Be Brave, Be Human, and Be Visionary - as part of the company’s Purpose and Vision strategy.

Nikki highlights the importance of putting colleagues at the heart of company initiatives and breaks down the barriers that might prevent people from bringing their true selves to work. As a result, Virgin Group have created a workplace where everyone feels safe, secure, and supported.

Nikki Humphrey

Nikki Humphrey

Virgin Group Chief People Officer
I’m the Chief People Officer for the Virgin Group, Board Director of Virgin Hotels, and trustee of Virgin Unite. Creating workplaces where people find their full potential and feel like they truly belong is my greatest passion. Joining the Virgin Family has been one of the most rewarding career moves I’ve made. Following board-level experience in retail, banking, insurance, asset management, media, manufacturing, and engineering, I joined Virgin Atlantic as Chief People Officer and was immediately impressed by how forward-thinking, people-first and purpose-driven the brand was. Richard Branson has always said that if you take care of your employees, they’ll take care of your business – and it’s incredible to see how this ethos filters across the Virgin family, covering five different sectors and continents. Over the years, I’ve seen how people (including myself) thrive in environments where human connection, inclusion, ambition and progress sit at the heart of the business. I’ve also realised there is nothing more motivating than unlocking the potential of individuals, teams and businesses.

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