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Aimee & Lily Barrett: Self-Love, Entrepreneurship and Following Your Dreams

This is a really inspiring and honest conversation about building self-love, entrepreneurship and following your dreams. Host, Anaïs Nebel, is joined by Aimee and Lily Barrett, sisters and founders of Candid Studios, a self-portrait studio in Notting Hill that is all about helping people feel worthy. They discuss what made them start Candid Studios, the rollercoaster journey of being an entrepreneur and what it’s like to "just jump".


Anaïs Nebel

Anaïs Nebel

Lipsy London Group Culture & Communications Manager
Anaïs is a culture leader and brand strategy expert, passionate about people empowerment. She leads culture and communications for Lipsy, a fashion and beauty group made up of 7 brands including Victoria’s Secret UK and Gap UK. Anaïs is known for creating out-of-the box engagement campaigns that create vibrant connections and bring the soul of a company to life.

She started her career in consulting before working for global retailers such as Estée Lauder Companies and The Body Shop. She has a unique understanding of internal and external brand experience - and how to make it resonate - having worked in marketing and customer experience before going into leadership development and people experience. In her current role, she looks after Wellbeing, Charity, Internal Comms, Employee Listening and Employer Branding. 

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