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AI: Friend or Foe?

In this podcast, Dave D'Arcy catches up with Fiona Passantino discussing the effect AI has on the workplace of today and the future.

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1. AI-Powered Visual Communication

/imagine… an AI application that generates stunning, original art with the same ease as ChatGPT does for copy. Today’s content creators need visuals as much as they need words to improve just about every form of messaging. A brief guide to Midjourney; what it is, how to get started, and how to prompt like a pro. 

2. Making ChatGPT Work for You

Leaders today need to be highly visible. Physically, with teams and stakeholders but more and more, also digitally, producing meaningful posts and thought leadership content for internal and external audiences. When words are needed, ChatGPT can help. When refined for accuracy, voice and coherence, it’s a tool that can help raise your profile and get your message out. AI is intimidating. Here are a few facts you need to know. Five easy ways to use it and five best practices to make AI your b*tch.

3. Take the course!

AI-Integration Course for Communication Professionals - July 5 @ 20:00

As a professional communicator, leader or content creator, you will likely need to start integrating visual AI into your teams and workflows. Together, we will take our first look at image generating AI to see what it can and cannot do, understand where it is best applied in your context and roadmap an integration journey and format that’s right for you. We look at AI integration strategy, best practices and use cases for these tools, as well as rolling up our sleeves and getting started with our first prompts.

4. Get your stamp!

Wrote your email yourself? Proud of the diagram you made without any help?

Download your free "DRAWN/WRITTEN BY HUMAN” stamp today and affix it to anything you might have created without the help of AI:


Fiona Passantino

Fiona Passantino

Executive Storylines Director

Fiona is a passionate Employee Engagement, Communication and Culture specialist and director of Executive Storylines, a Hague-based consulting company. She is a speaker, blogger, podcast host and the author and illustrator of the 2023 UK Business Book Award winning “Comic Books for Executives” series, which include the Post-Covid Handbook for Engagement. Fiona has worked in corporate communications for 15 years, for some of the largest international companies in Europe. She received an MBA in Management from the University of Amsterdam in leadership with a concentration in AI. Today, she helps leaders and teams with AI integration, strategy and empowerment. Her forthcoming book “The AI-Powered Professional” is an example of Human-AI co-creation in practice, due in September 2023.

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