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A Day in the Life of Internal Communications

Nicole Dempster, Head of Internal Communication and Engagement at Financial Ombudsman Service, discussed her role in a fireside chat discussion at our Internal Communications Conference.

In this podcast, Nicole answers some of the following questions:

  • How did you get into internal communications?
  • How would you define engagement?
  • During your career, what do you think has changed - and why?
  • What do you feel hasn’t changed - what have been constants - and why?
  • What do you feel needs to change - and why?
  • What do you think are the biggest challenges internal communicators face, post-pandemic?
  • What elements do you feel make up a successful internal communications team?
Nicole Dempster

Nicole Dempster

Financial Ombudsman Service Head Of Internal Communication and Engagement
Nicole has led innovative internal communications and engagement strategies and campaigns for a number of high-profile media and consumer facing brands. Her experience includes leading the internal communications functions at Channel 4 Television, Guardian News & Media, ITV, InterContinental Hotel Group and Selfridges. She is currently Head of Internal Communication and Engagement at the Financial Ombudsman Service. A passionate writer, Nicole's expertise includes organisational change, leadership communication, employee engagement and crisis communication. She has a keen interest in the changing role of internal communication and the part it has to play in driving cultural change and bringing strategy and brand to life. An experienced coach and mentor, the most rewarding part of her role is in developing and coaching high performing teams who play a central, strategic role in driving engagement in the workplace.

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