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Reimagining customer facing Success in 2024: Trends in Recruitment, Employee Engagement, and Operational Excellence

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In this webinar we will delve into the rapidly evolving landscape of customer facing teams in 2024, exploring strategies to excel in customer support while revolutionising employee engagement and operational efficiency.

Here are the key areas and trends we will uncover:

Trend 1: The New Era of Talent Acquisition: We will explore innovative recruitment trends that redefine the workforce, from the rise of gig economy workers to virtual hiring processes, and strategies for adapting to these new realities.

Trend 2: Tech-Infused Operations and Data Excellence: We'll uncover how emerging technologies (AI-driven chatbots, omnichannel support, and advanced CRM systems) are reshaping customer operations. We'll discuss how to leverage these technologies for unparalleled customer experiences and how data analytics can optimise performance and decision-making.

Trend 3: Inclusivity and Diversity in the Workforce: We will spotlight the growing emphasis on inclusivity and diversity within customer teams. Understand how diversity not only fosters innovation but also addresses changing customer demographics, and explore strategies to create more inclusive workplaces.

Chris De Souza Headshot

Chris De Souza

CGI Director Business Consulting

I have been involved in the setting up, development and management of contact centres for most of my career, spanning over 25 years, including high volume inbound and outbound, both in sales and customer service. And I love it! I am deeply passionate about the contact centre industry and recognise how important the contact centre can be for every business, being so much more than simply a cost centre.  

My role at CGI is to develop our Contact Centre Advisory team who work with businesses to enhance, develop and improve their contact centre operations and ultimately drive an excellent customer experience.

Prior to joining CGI, I was equally fortunate to have been part of some great organisations. As Service Director at Mastercard, I looked after cardholder experience across several lines of business, including insurance, airport lounge, concierge, rewards and pre-paid cards, with contact centres and operations around the globe. At Santander Cycles, the iconic Boris Bikes, I lead an amazing team. By ensuring they were empowered and really felt part of the business we were able to deliver award-winning customer service consistently at the highest levels.

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