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Mastering Hybrid Work: Building a Thriving Team Culture in the New Normal

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A study by Gartner revealed 68% of executive teams are reevaluating their company’s culture to reflect the new normal of virtual and hybrid work to drive business success. As the world shifts towards flexible working models, the need to foster a connected and robust team culture that thrives in this dynamic environment has never been more pressing.

Join our experts Lisette Sutherland, Director at Collaboration Superpowers, and Kira van Niekerk, Global Director of Training and Enablement at Thomas on Thursday, 14th September at 11.00am BST where they will share practical strategies and best practices for fostering open communication, trust, and camaraderie among team members, regardless of their physical locations.

Our experts will discuss

•    Creating a team culture to drive success in a hybrid work environment.
•    The importance of shared purpose in unifying teams
•    How to build trust and collaboration through hybrid teams
•    Leveraging people insights to meet individual needs
•    Practical tips and insights on overcoming hybrid working challenges

This webinar is for HR, C Suite executives, and managers who are looking for actionable strategies that will empower your teams to thrive in the era of hybrid working.

Lisette Sutherland

Lisette Sutherland

Collaboration Superpowers Director
Lisette Sutherland is the Director of Collaboration Superpowers, a company that helps people work together from anywhere through online workshops. She is the author of the Work Together Anywhere Handbook, the host of a podcast featuring interviews with remote-working experts, and a workshop facilitator on various remote-working topics. Check out Lisette's Personal User Manual for more information - 
Kira van Niekerk

Kira van Niekerk

Thomas Global Director of Training and Enablement
Thomas International works with customers across the globe to help them realise the true potential in people. Our people assessments provide powerful insights, giving you the knowledge to recruit and manage with confidence. Having been at the forefront of assessment innovation for over 35 years, we provide online assessments to over 32,000 companies worldwide, in 56 languages and across 60 countries.

As Global Director of Training and Enablement and a Psychometrist, I have a passion for the value our assessment tools at Thomas International can provide. Increasing the understanding of our products and the science that underpins it, allows us to help guide clients in using psychometrics not only for recruitment, but also development at the individual, team and organisation level.
Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown

Handley Studios Ltd. Co-Founder

Cathy (she/her) works with people and organisations to create inclusive, healthy and more productive workplaces that work for everyone.

A renowned leader, speaker and communicator, Cathy blends curiosity and empathy with deep cross-sector experience. She prides herself on helping people move out of stressful situations to create human-focused workplace cultures where compassion and connectedness – and people – are encouraged and valued. 
Cathy has led organisations across a range of industries including Engage for Success (the UK’s movement for Employee Engagement), and has helped to transform many more through her work as Capability Brown, and most recently at Management Geek. 
Cathy carries her personal experience of neurodivergence into the solutions she co-creates with her clients, through conversations, commitment and curiosity - helping them to manage themselves and their teams in ways that work for everyone. 

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