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How to Create Water Cooler Moments Without the Water Cooler

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The biggest casualty of the new “working from home” era has been the loss of that “water cooler moment”.  That instant interaction that happens when people meet and bump into each other with colleagues they haven’t seen for a few weeks. The lighting up of their faces as they feel a connection with a loved work colleague, learn about a new restaurant that they’ve missed out on and get updated on a new project they could be involved in. Listen to Stephanie Lunn, Global People & Culture Director and Fiona Gruchy-Craven Head of Event Production talk about the key water cooler moments that Guinness World Records re-created for their employees across the last two years and how we used those learnings and insight to build records programmes, tailored for employee engagement for our clients to create those moments of bonding, with a treasured memory all packaged up ready to share at the next virtual team meeting organically (no water cooler needed).

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