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Evolving EX for the Modern Workplace

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In the era many are calling The Great Resignation, it is essential to ensure employees feel connected, inspired and motivated. Organisations must evaluate the employee experience and look for inventive and creative ways to foster connections, express appreciation and maintain motivation within the workplace.

Join this webinar, as Augeo Founder and CEO David Kristal and Structural Co-founder and CEO Scott Burns share their expertise on strategies and innovative technologies to elevate employee engagement. Garner tangible and trailblazing insights to influence a sense of belonging for employees, form meaningful relationships and leverage recognition for a modern workplace.

  • How are appreciation and recognition transforming the employee experience?
  • How do you develop an inspirational approach to empower employees to participate?
  • What can organisations do to build employee relationships with individuals located anywhere across the globe?
  • How can you elevate and maintain a 365-day approach to employee engagement?

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