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justeat Case Study: Cultivating a Culture of Collaboration & Innovation

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During this time of high change, it is becoming even more critical to help employees connect quickly and easily to the information, tools, and people they need to do their jobs effectively. Our goal: An intuitive, responsive and integrated intranet which encourages employee engagement, improving business processes, and creating a connected workforce through collaboration and innovation. In this session, you will hear use cases focused on:

  • How to integrate two different cultures together
  • How to ensure consistent communication
  • How to support employees during the change
  • How to move a huge number of people to new ways of communication.

Join us for a webinar where we discuss how JustEat has managed to build the community, brought people together, and has grown the organisation’s culture.

Dave Nixon

Dave Nixon

LumApps Employee Experience Practice Manager

Dave has guided organisations on their journey to creating vibrant, user-centric digital workplaces that drive productivity and enhance communication for over 20 years.

Dave is experienced in developing and executing strategies that drive adoption and maximize the potential of intranet platforms that include SharePoint, Jive, and LumApps

As a thought leader in the field, Dave has successfully guided numerous enterprises through the intricacies of intranet implementation, ensuring a user-centric approach that goes beyond mere functionality.
Recognized for a keen ability to translate complex technical concepts into user-friendly solutions, Dave is dedicated to creating intranet experiences that not only streamline workflows but also elevate employee engagement to new heights.

Cathy Brown

Cathy Brown

Engage Employee Guest Host

A vibrant business, leadership and communications expert, Cathy has been hosting Engage Employee's live events, podcasts and webinars for over 15 years, bringing a wealth of experience from her roles at BT, Engage for Success, the Employee Ownership Association, the Initiative for Social Entrepreneurs and MusicWirks CIC.

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