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Breaking Down AI: What HR Leaders Need to Know

3rd July 11AM-11:45AM BST

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Gartner's research reveals that 76% of HR leaders foresee organizations not adopting AI solutions, like generative AI, in the next 12 to 24 months, increasing the risk of falling behind their competitors. This highlights HR's growing recognition of AI's transformative potential, but also the difficulty with implementation. While AI offers promising opportunities for streamlining processes and gaining insights, some feel daunted by integration complexities, data security concerns, and the need for staff upskilling. Finding balance means embracing AI's potential while addressing concerns to transition into a future where AI enhances HR practices.

Join Beth Weesner, Principal at Weesner Advisory Services Inc and Dr Luke Treglown, Director of Data Science at Thomas on Wednesday 3rd July at 11am BST to understand practical strategies to effectively leverage AI.

Insights you can expect to gain from this webinar: 
•    Explore the different categories of AI
•    Misconceptions of harnessing AI
•    Understand how AI is shaping the future of work
•    Hear the benefits of combining AI with people science insights
•    Explore the ethical considerations of AI

This webinar is for HR, C Suite executives, people managers and professionals who are looking to enhance their understanding of AI and how to effectively adopt it. 

Luke T

Dr Luke Treglown

Thomas Director of Data Science

I am passionate about helping organisations to build a strategy that puts AI, analytics, and data science at the heart of their culture. I believe that AI and data can empower individual, teams, and businesses by being ethical, accessible, and actionable for anyone.

I am a data scientist that takes cutting-edge AI techniques, revolutionary data infrastructure, and people science to build products that customers love and to make complex business problems feel simple. I do this by developing data strategies, working with all areas of the business to embed data, and through building and leading teams that are engaged and passionate about the data journey we are going on together.

Beth W

Beth Weesner

Weesner Advisory Services Inc Principal

Beth’s extensive professional journey includes leadership in strategic planning, transformation consulting, change management, and organisational design. She is a recognised pioneer and subject matter expert in marketing and HR technology and analytics, having guided executives from Fortune 500 companies and advised industry giants such as Google, IBM, and Salesforce.

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