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Artificial Intelligence and Wellbeing: Where Technology Meets People

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The integration of AI in our work lives is an irreversible trend, promising vast improvements but also posing new challenges. From streamlining operational tasks to fostering employee wellbeing, the potential benefits are immense. This session shed light on the multifaceted relationship between AI, workplace culture, employee wellbeing and productivity.

During this session, Matt Burney explored:
  • How technology affects wellbeing and the potential pitfalls of using AI
  • Being authentic and how technology can help us
  • The impact of automation on wellbeing and how to use AI responsibly

Matt burney

Matt Burney

Indeed Senior Strategic Advisor

With over two decades of experience in the Talent space, Matt is a recognised expert in attraction, planning, and retention strategies, having worked with some of the world's largest companies and brands. Over the last seven years, their focus has shifted towards unraveling the impact of AI, data, economics, and analytics in recruiting, earning them recognition as a subject matter expert. Matt's mission centers on transforming complex data into Meaningful, Interpretable, and Actionable insights, facilitating effective communication across all levels of organizations through data storytelling.

A firm advocate for the transformative potential of recruitment and resourcing, Matt believes these practices can make or break a business. They have shared their insights at renowned industry events, including Recfest, Futureworks, World Employer Branding Day, and many others, and their expertise has been featured in both niche and mainstream media platforms.

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