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Effective Strategies for Employee Engagement

  • Employee Engagement Summit
  • Oluyomi Okunowo, VP, Global Reward & HRIS, Wella Company

The current talent context ensures employee engagement has never been more important. The Great Resignation has employers scrambling to retain and attract talent to drive their business agenda, while employees (especially accomplished and talented ones) appear to have their pick of where and who they want to work with. Rethinking employee engagement strategies and identifying what employees are looking (especially in multi demographic workplaces) is now quite critical as companies try to engender “stickiness”.

It is also clear that old strategies which largely centered around compensation and/or benefits are no longer effective. Employees are looking for more from employers - from clear Values and Walking the Talk to Transparency, ESG and DE&I focus, it is taking more than pay practices to drive engagement. This discussion will explore how to take these demands and create effective strategies to drive employee engagement.

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