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Virgin Atlantic Case Study: Navigating the Social Workplace: The Rise of Video to Superpower Engagement

  • Employee Engagement Summit
  • Wednesday 1st May 2024
  • Steve Clarke, People Communication Lead, Virgin Atlantic

Workplace from Meta is now the core communication channel at Virgin Atlantic. But social media in the work space brings with it a whole host of challenges, including how communications teams cut through the noise and ensure their people are seeing and engaging with important messages.

Steve shares how his communications team has evolved its approach and skillset to focus on mobile first, video storytelling and live events, how they brought the Virgin Atlantic leadership team along for the ride, and the positive impact this is having on engagement and happiness.

Steve Clarke 3

Steve Clarke

Virgin Atlantic People Communication Lead

Steve leads a team of communications professionals responsible for people engagement and culture, content development and storytelling, and communication channels at Virgin Atlantic. Steve spearheaded Virgin Atlantic’s launch of Workplace by Meta, and has radically evolved the approach to people communications to focus on mobile first, audio-visual storytelling.

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