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Ways of Working at TUI

  • Digital Workplace Conference
  • Belinda Vazquez, Workplace Director, TUI

In Belinda’s presentation she explores the opportunity of ‘here and now’ and the power of ‘how are you?’. Belinda outlines and explores TUI’s UK & Ireland flexible working guidelines:

  1. Work is what you do, not where you go
  2. The choice of where you work is with the individual
  3. All colleagues must be present in meetings, wherever they are
  4. Wherever you choose to work you must have adequate internet access
  5. Wherever you choose to work should not cost the business more

To define these guidelines, TUI used a process of experiment and feedback. Belinda stresses the importance of feedback to tell them how well things are going. Belinda shares that when considering ways of working, they must consider the three employee profiles: location based, hybrid and homeworker.

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