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The Body Shop’s Self-Love Anthem: The Power of Amplifying Employee Voices, Literally

  • Internal Communications Conference
  • Anaïs Nebel, Global Internal Engagement, Campaigns and Communications Specialist, The Body Shop

1 in 2 people feel more self-doubt than self-love. Self-esteem is a global crisis, that businesses have now more than ever a responsibility to change.

At The Body Shop, our purpose is to fight for a fairer and more beautiful world, and at the heart of everything we do, is love. We believe that self-love is a crucial part of empowering employees.

But when it comes to self-esteem, global newsletters and wellbeing talks can only go so far.

The Body Shop’s Self Love Anthem campaign was an industry first, and our first multi-channel global internal engagement campaign – the aim of which was to create our very own original song, designed to make you feel empowered through its lyrics and melody. The song was created from the words and thoughts of colleagues across The Body Shop’s collective and was entirely written, produced and sung in-house.

This campaign put people first; listened to employees and empowered their voices, literally. Colleagues told us it made a tangible impact on their wellbeing and how they feel about working at The Body Shop. It is by far our most successful global campaign to date.
Join the session and to learn how we collectivised employees across 83 markets, what made this engagement campaign so successful and why we invited colleagues to press play on their confidence.

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