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Telegrams, Carrier Pigeons, Email & All Hands’ Calls

  • Digital Workplace Conference
  • Matthew Young, Knowledge Manager, Verint

Delivering knowledge to your people in today’s world has a better answer.

Creating a digital workplace that really ‘works’ requires fresh thinking and smarter technologies to curate, update and deliver timely, relevant information across different, disconnected workforce populations seamlessly. Join this highly actionable webinar and discover how knowledge management systems are:

*Supporting the wellbeing, connectivity, competency and cultural alignment of a dispersed workforce (whether at home, in the office or the field)
*Driving efficiency, agility, consistency and clarity
*Providing an HR service that is ‘always on’
*Meeting people, operational and organisational goals
*Even delivering solutions for your end customer needs

Through real life examples of the adoption of Knowledge Management technology in the HR and operational worlds, you will walk away equipped with new ideas to solve your current challenges

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