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People & Culture - Engagement Strategies for a Modern Workplace

  • Employee Engagement Summit
  • Wednesday 1st May 2024
  • Carlo Beschi - Treatwell, Helen Card - Homes England, Beth Perry - First Central Group,

This panel discussion discusses how organisations are adapting to meet the needs of both a modern workplace and workforce.

We'll be looking at:

- Technology-driven strategies to allow us to better connect employees 
- Communication initiatives that enhance employee engagement in a hybrid world
- Embedding a culture of belonging regardless of physical location
- Changing needs of a new generation of employees 
- Recognition and appreciation and creating a culture of gratitude when employees are not always together
- Building a sense of camaraderie and belonging among employees
- Learning and Development initiatives
- Actionable insights that attendees can take home and implement

Helen Card

Helen Card

Homes England Head of Internal and Digital Communications

Helen is a public sector communications leader and works as part of the Government Communication Service. Currently Helen is Head of Internal and Digital Communications at Homes England, the Governments Housing and Regeneration Agency. Previous to this Helen worked at the Cabinet Office as Head of Civil Service Communications and Cabinet Office Internal Communications. Helen is passionate about employee engagement and internal communications and how this makes a difference to organisations and people’s experience in the workplace. Helen is currently studying a MSc at the University of Huddersfield, in Strategic Communications Leadership. 

Carlo Beschi

Carlo Beschi

Treatwell Agile Lead

I help value flow.

An accomplished professional, with a very broad skill set and 15+ years of experience in digital product delivery, cultural change and organizational transformation.

I leverage on agile-lean practices to partner with leaders and teams, and help them improve their time to market, customer engagement, product quality and operational efficiency.
I love envisioning, strategizing, and executing - both individually and together with others.

I relentlessly cultivate a safe, vibrant, collaborative working environment, focussed on learning, engagement and innovation. A place where people grow, projects succeed, and business KPIs flourish - all at the same time.

Beth Perry

Beth Perry

First Central Group Head of Internal Communications and Culture

Hey, I’m Beth, Head of Internal Communications and Culture at First Central Group. With over a decade’s experience in creative and strategic positions, I’m a firm believer that comms and culture go hand-in-hand to deliver an awesome colleague experience. In a nutshell, it’s about listening, seeing people as people, and combining this with data to inform a truly authentic and kick-ass plan…that everyone wants to be part of.

Since joining First Central Group, we’ve been making a name for ourselves culturally by ranking #22 in Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work UK 2024 list, #7 for 2023’s Best Places to Work Wellbeing list and #7 in Best Places for Women (Super Large) …just to name a few.

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