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Panel Discussion: Harnessing the Power of our People: Overcoming Challenges and Seizing Opportunities

  • Employee Engagement Summit
  • Wednesday 1st May 2024
  • Dev Mistry - Dojo, Sarah Hood - Bupa, Melanie Page - Balfour Beatty & Parya Hosseini-Sech - Onecom,

Looking back over the last twelve months, our panellists share the challenges they've faced as well as exciting new opportunities they've experienced in the realm of employee engagement. 

Looking toward the future, they also explore how the employee engagement landscape is changing, what plans they have in place for the future and what's next for the industry.

Dev Mistry

Dev Mistry

Dojo Internal Communications and Engagement Lead

For over a decade, Dev has been supporting a range of brands with his expertise in relationship management and stakeholder engagement. Currently Internal Communications Lead at Dojo, Dev has worked for the likes of Virgin Media O2, DICE, Honda and Subaru over his career – managing PR, CSR, Social Media and Internal Communications.

People-focused communications are at the heart of Dev’s approach, no matter the size of maturity of the business. This is  coupled with Dev’s proactive stance on inclusivity and equity within business processes, culture and communications, both from a personal and professional point of view. Outside of work, Dev also has a keen interest in initiatives supporting LGBTQ+ and BIPOC people respectively, through volunteer projects, cabaret performances and mentoring schemes.

Sarah Hood

Sarah Hood

Bupa Global Head of Engagement & Insights

Sarah has worked at Bupa for over 21 years, with a background in customer service and operations management in both healthcare provision and funding, before making the switch to HR in 2015. Sarah now leads Bupa’s engagement strategy and vision, and the delivery of a global listening program connecting all employees. Bupa employs 85,000 people in a mixture of healthcare provision and healthcare funding businesses around the world. 

Melanie Page Balfour Beatty

Melanie Page

Balfour Beatty Melanie Page

Melanie has over two decades of change and transformation experience and has been at Balfour Beatty, the leading international infrastructure group, for over 16 years, spanning roles in IT, Digital and Communications.   

Melanie heads up 'My Contribution': Balfour Beatty's award-winning engagement programme that harnesses the enthusiasm, knowledge, and expertise of the workforce to crowd-source ideas, innovate and problem solve.  My Contribution gives employees a voice and empowers them to make positive change through the creation of powerful solutions that drive strategic growth and help make Balfour Beatty a great place to work.


Parysa Hosseini-Sech

Onecom People & Culture Director

Parysa Hosseini-Sech is the dynamic People & Culture Director at Onecom Group, known for her expertise in transformational change and a deep passion for talent development.

With more than a decade at Onecom Group, she has been pivotal in growing the company to over 600 employees, skillfully navigating organic growth and acquisitions.

Parysa's innovative approach places engagement at the core of people management, resulting in tangible commercial successes. She spearheaded an award-winning leadership development program, emphasising diverse talent nurturing strategies, from upskilling to mentoring.

Under her leadership, Onecom embraced agile working and comprehensive health and wellbeing schemes, foundational during the pandemic and beyond.

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