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Mental Health: Busting Myths and Breaking Stigmas to Build Employee Wellbeing and Organisational Resilience

  • Employee Wellbeing, Diversity & Inclusion Conference
  • Stephen Dunne, Chief Product Officer, Koa Health

Let’s start with the myth that impacts so many organisations: Mental health isn’t a problem at my workplace. Fact: Mental health issues are estimated to affect 1 in 4 people in the UK every year—that’s nearly 17 million people in 2022 alone. And official figures don’t take into account the many people (some of them working in your company) who may not have a formal diagnosis.

The simple truth is nearly everyone (wherever they fall on the scale of mentally unwell to mentally healthy) could benefit from mental health guidance and support to acquire better coping skills and healthier behaviours.

Explore why debunking mental health myths is key to eliminating the stigmas that keep so many people from seeking out support in this session with Dr Sophie Dix, neuroscientist, mental health expert and VP of Content at Koa Health. Because poor mental health is a safety concern and business risk with impact that extends far beyond the mind, Dr Dix will also share how to use the mind-body-environment model to guide wellbeing initiatives and minimise risk at the individual and organisational level. Finally, Dr Dix will offer her advice on how employers can use this model to better support employee wellbeing and build organisational resilience.

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