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How to deliver a meaningful wellness and mental health programme for your workforce

  • Digital Workplace Conference
  • Brittany Barhite, Rupert Coghlan, Firstup

In 2019, two-thirds of workers reported burnout. The pandemic only exacerbated employee stress levels, with burnout levels at a record high of 70% and nearly half of U.S. workers suffering from mental health issues. Our own research of 23,105 workers across the UK, United States, Germany, Nordic countries and Benelux, shows that while employers claim to be stepping up to the plate employees are not feeling the love when it comes to their mental health as the findings highlight:

• 17.1% (almost 4,000 respondents) reporting that their employee does not support their mental health and it makes them feel worthless
• 18.7% said that their employer has only started showing interest in supporting their mental health since the pandemic
• 26.9% said more can be done by the company to respect my ‘out of hours’ time.

Join Brittany Barhite, Strategic Advisor, at Firstup and Rupert Coghlan, Principle Solutions Consultant, at Firstup, as they consider what companies can do to further support employees. Hint – it’s not more yoga! During this discussion, they’ll share the latest research findings on how employees actually feel and explore practical steps that you can take to overhaul your wellness and mental health programmes such as:

• Making flexible working a reality that satisfies everyones’ needs
• Building boundaries to avoid burnout
• Helping prioritise workloads to reduce employee overload

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