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How Keyloop Unlocked the Power of Open Communications

  • Employee Engagement Summit
  • Zara Cross, Caz Meech, Workvivo, Keyloop

Keyloop, the leading global supplier of digital solutions for the automative industry, has transformed the way the company communicates over the last year.

In this session from the 2023 Employee Engagement Summit, Zara Cross, Director of Customer Success at Workvivo had a compelling conversation with Caz Meech, Global Head of Internal Communications at  Keyloop where she shares how giving every employee a voice and democratising communication has led to new heights of engagement.

With a 43% rise in net promoter scores, an uptick in health and wellbeing scores and a 91% adoption rate of their employee app, Keyloop is reaching and connecting more meaningfully with employees. Core to this journey was getting the right tech stack and putting the employee voice at the heart of internal communications.


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