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How BUPA Connects and Engages a Global Workforce Using Tech

  • Digital Workplace Conference
  • Owen O Neill, Gavin Wrenn, Bupa, Workvivo

Owen O Neill, Global Head of Digital People Solutions at BUPA, speaks to Workvivo COO Gavin Wrenn about the healthcare leader’s digital workplace journey. This talk explores the challenges of connecting a global workforce with frontline and desk employees and how BUPA embraced the digital workplace to bring their workplace culture to life. Bupa has 83,000 employees and a mission to help people live happier healthier lives.

In the search for a digital platform, Owen wanted to bring engagement and pride to the employees of Bupa. Furthermore he wanted a platform that Bupa employees could work from every day, that reflected Bupa’s values and allow them to have a voice.

One of the biggest challenges Bupa faced was engaging front line staff. The found that when the platform first launched engagement from their front line staff was low, so they decided to move access to payslips to this platform. As a result of this shift, the found far more engagement e.g. care home chefs sharing pictures of dishes, menu ideas etc.

To conclude, Bupa found that with the help of Workvivo they have been able to see their values embedded to their communication, rather than words on a wall. This platform has also enabled communication to come from all angels, not just top down.

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