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Are we living at work?

  • Digital Workplace Conference
  • Matthew Townson, Digital Workplace Design Manager, Vodafone

Matthew Townson, Digital Workplace Design Manager at Vodafone presents us with the question: Are we living at work? Vodafone have 315 million customers and 105,000 employees, all of which were working from home at some point.

Matthew delves into Vodafone’s research into patterns developed from working from home:

  • They saw a 3000% increase in the time spent in meetings.
  • X2 number of emails.
  • Longer working hours.

Matthew describes how on the face of it, these stats would suggest it was an unpleasant way to work. However, Vodafone found on an employee survey that 75% of employees are ‘feeling good’.

Vodafone ensured that employees had useful information easily available to them, rather than having to seek it out. Furthermore, Vodafone supported employees with their #stayconnected internal campaign. This included regular updates and live Q&A sessions from the leadership team.

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