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Our journey through employee advocacy, building employee brand advocates through data led marketing

  • Employee Engagement Summit
  • Mark Crompton, Head of Employer Branding , Airbus

Mark Crompton, Head of Employer Branding at Airbus joins us for a discussion for a discussion on, their journey through employee advocacy, and building employee brand advocate through data led marketing.

Airbus pioneer sustainable airspace, with the aim that by 2035 they will have the first zero emission aircraft, powered by hydrogen.

Mark highlights that to engage their audiences, they need brand advocates. The best way to achieve this is by using employee advocacy. Mark mentions a few ways that Airbus created employee advocates, e.g. Airbus gave all their employees in the Bristol office sustainable coffee cups, therefore creating sustainability brand ambassadors.

Using LinkedIn Elevate, Airbus reached a network of 2000 employee brand advocates. Of the 2000, 86% suggested this program had a really positive impact on their careers, network growth and profile views.

Mark lays out 3 things you need to succeed in employee advocacy; set program goals, work with individual employee groups and demonstrate value.

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