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5 Ways to Increase Your Resilience at Work

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By Lucy Rowell, Founder of Impactful Authority

Whether it be workplace transformations, increase in demand with reduction in resources or battling through internal politics, the area I’ve been hearing the most requests for support on over the last few months is resilience – specifically, resilience for all employees not only for leaders.

While the challenges many of us are facing often feel overwhelming, I wanted to share five areas I have used over the years on myself and with my coaching clients to help build and maintain our resilience.

  • PAUSE: When we have come through or are stuck in a difficult situation, taking time to stop is essential to help us move on successfully. This may be taking a few breaths, meditating, or going for a walk. Without taking a second to reflect, it’s hard to find a way out.
  • DUMP: Alongside resilience often comes overwhelm. So, once you’ve taken some time to pause, make a note of all the things going on in your mind right now. Also, think about all the different scenarios (positive and negative) that may happen. The act of writing in itself is extremely beneficial, so your brain is not having to hold all the information in.
  • PURPOSE: Be clear on what the purpose is for the situation you’re in. How are you connected to and invested in that purpose? The more we are invested and understand the purpose, the easier it is to navigate the difficult times. If you don’t know the purpose, explore what it is. This activity in itself may unlock some interesting insights for you.
  • FOCUS: Once you’re clear on the purpose, you can go back to the list you wrote down and get super focused. (Easier said than done I know!) We all have the power to choose what story we tell ourselves, so firstly make sure you’re clear about the facts and then we can build the story and choose where to put our energy.
  • CONTROL: You have more control than you think. If you feel you’ve lost it, take the needed steps to get it back. When in the middle of difficult situations, setting and holding to defined boundaries and anchoring to your values will help guide you around many tough decisions probably coming at you from all angles. Once you have the confidence to take control – and this may be small steps at a time – you will see your resilience levels rising.


Firstly, I recognise this is hard. So please know I have your back virtually. There are just two tips I’d share with you to help implement a more resilient you.

  • SET SOME RITUALS: This may be in the morning or as you finish your working day to help bookend the working day. This is a practice I recommend anyway, to signify the start and end of the workday. It is particularly important if you’re going through a rough period. Otherwise, you have no space to re-energise as work creep takes over all your waking hours (and probably some sleeping ones as well). The rituals can take any form, but if you’re wondering where to start, here are mine:
    • My work start-up ritual is reviewing my work goals for the quarter and the top three must dos for the day, and writing three things I’m thankful for.
    • My work close down ritual is to capture any to dos left circling in my head, write 3 wins for the day, 1 area for learning, top 3 must dos for tomorrow and time block my calendar. So, I know I can start the next day ready to go and focused.
  • POSITIVE ENERGY: Make sure you’re fitting in time to do the things you love and fill you with energy. You’ll need this to bring that positive energy into your work and those around you, so your communications and actions are positive focused.

Good luck!



Lucy Rowell is a coach, consultant and podcast host. Lucy works with individuals and teams in corporate organisations who currently feel stuck or held back by the challenges in front of them. Catalysing them to power-up their authenticity, increase their impact and realise their potential.

Lucy has over 20 years in senior leadership roles within the area of Data Science, Commercial and Research & Development in global corporate organisations. Lucy previously was the chairwoman for a large non-profit company PSI. She has designed and implemented a number of innovative large team/organisational transformations and enjoys the challenges transformation brings.  




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